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A Weekend Within - May 18-20, 2012

Your Gateway to Mind-Body Wellness

If you’re curious about Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and other mind-body practices but aren’t sure where to begin, A Weekend Within is an ideal starting point. At this three-day, introductory workshop, Deepak Chopra; lead educator, davidji; Amanda Ringnalda, and other master Chopra Center instructors introduce you to these timeless teachings in a comfortable group environment.

A Weekend Within is a rare retreat getaway where you can luxuriate in the beautiful setting of La Costa Resort & Spa as you gain a toolkit of valuable practices that will serve your health, happiness, and inner balance for years to come. The workshop includes instruction in:

•    Primordial Sound Meditation
•    Your personalized mantra
•    Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
•    Conscious communication
•    Stress relief practices
•    And more!

Special Offer
$575 per person*
Standard Pricing $875

*This offer is valid when two attendees enroll together at the same time. No other promotional discounts apply.

$875 per person

What is A Weekend Within?

A Weekend Within is the Chopra Center's gateway workshop ― an ideal starting point for individuals who want to begin their personal exploration of meditation and spiritual awakening but aren't sure where to start. This intensive weekend workshop introduces you to the Chopra Center co-founder Deepak Chopra, M.D. and lead educator, davidji, as they share many of the timeless teachings of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. At A Weekend Within you will finally learn how to meditate, calm your mind, and experience greater happiness and fulfillment.

Who can benefit?

A Weekend Within offers a lifetime of benefits to anyone seeking balance, healing, and transformation. In a soothing retreat setting you will:

•    Receive instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation, including your personalized mantra
•    Practice the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
•    Learn how to use conscious communication to transform your relationships
•    Connect to your intuition and inner wisdom
•    Calm your mind and nourish your soul

In addition to having a profound experience, you will return home with a daily practice, a renewed sense of wellbeing, and friendships to last a lifetime. Whether you are new to the Chopra Center world or you're looking to reconnect, this workshop is a wonderful next step on your path to wellness.

Will I learn to meditate?

All attendees will receive personal instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation. | 888.736.6895 |

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