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Lyn Stroshin

Vedic Master, certified in Perfect Health, Primordial Sound Meditation, the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Location: Whistler, B.C., Canada. Teaches at the Paradise Valley Wellness Centre in Brackendale, B.C. (just north of Squamish)

What inspires you to teach?

I have always been a teacher. I love to teach because when you teach you are simultaneously taught. It is very much a phenomenon of giving and receiving. I think that we are each other’s teachers because we live in relationship. Every day I read from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and I am inspired to share this profound wisdom with others. Teaching inspires me to lead the life that I want to live.

Where do you teach?

I am blessed to be the Vedic Master at Paradise Valley Wellness Centre – which offers a holistic addiction treatment program that includes instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. The curriculum at PVWC is based on Deepak and David’s Freedom from Addiction program.

More about Lyn

I graduated from university with a B.A. and went on to attain a professional year in teaching. I taught K to 3 with the British Infant System format. They actually paid me to smile and laugh all day! I left teaching to have our four beautiful children, who turned out to be my greatest teachers. When my first two children were small, my father died and I was so distraught at his death that I was led to a healing clinic that practiced energy healing. It was like coming home. I immediately signed up for classes in meditation and spiritual awareness. I took every class that was offered and before I knew it I was teaching. I loved it! It truly was my path.

I taught meditation and healing for almost twenty years in Vancouver, BC. I taught classes for adults and for children. The children’s classes were awesome! Spirituality for them was as commonplace as breathing, and their awareness levels were a joy to witness. Eventually the spiritual center where I taught closed down for various reasons and I encountered a very deep spiritual crisis. I see now that it was such a huge healing step but at the time life became bleak because I disowned myself as being a teacher. However, sweet synchronicity happened in 2007 when the Chopra Center landed on my doorstep in Whistler.

Out of curiosity I went to Seduction of Spirit where I was profoundly moved and became rekindled in who I am. I enrolled in Perfect Health and eventually became certified. I took this course purely for myself and my lifestyle. I did not think that I would ever teach it. Then I took the meditation teacher training course to see how the Chopra Center taught meditation. Then the lure of becoming a Vedic Master took hold and I completed the yoga teacher training course, which I truly loved. I was very proud and pleased to become a Chopra Center–certified Vedic Master.

In the meantime I was enrolled in a three-year university program to attain my Masters of Educational Practices, with a focus of spirituality and meditation. It was a fascinating combination of events. When I enrolled for the Chopra Center courses as well as the program for my Masters of Education, I honestly did not know why. I just felt that somehow this was my next step, yet at the time it made absolutely no sense.

I still had no defined plans to teach when David Simon phoned and asked if I would consider taking on the role of Vedic Master at the new Chopra Center–endorsed Paradise Valley Wellness Centre ( PVWC). How could I resist? Excited yet very apprehensive I started my new job. It is truly a dream come true! I work alongside of the therapists. On some level I think that I am considered a spiritual therapist. I am constantly learning from the therapists, from the staff and of course from the guests.

Besides the two sessions of yoga and meditation each day there is also a Chopra Center educational session. It is based on David and Deepak's wonderful book Freedom from Addiction and the accompanying workbook. I have the opportunity to use all that I learned from my own Chopra education each day at the center. Thus my knowledge of this curriculum just gets stronger and deeper. I am blessed to have this experience of growth and transformation in my life.

How many Chopra Center events have you attended?

Seduction of Spirit, Perfect Health, Seduction of Silence, and certification courses in Ayurveda, meditation and yoga.

What was your favorite event?

I thoroughly enjoyed all of them! Each event seemed to build on the previous event. With each one I gained a deeper sense of self and a greater knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga.

How do you connect with others in your community?

Paradise Valley Wellness Centre is a residential treatment center for trauma and addictions. At the moment all of my teaching is at the center for the guests. As I have to drive almost an hour each way to the center, I have dropped some of the classes that I was going to teach due to lack of time. I have also found that my focus and energy needs to be on my work at PVWC.

Building Community

Heather Frenner, RYT

Certified in: Primordial Sound Meditation & Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Current Location: Malibu and Beverly Hills

What inspires you to teach?

Love. Pure and simple. Nothing more and nothing less.

I am not teaching this sacred practice because of ego. I am not teaching this sacred practice to make money. I have been called to teach this sacred practice because of my love and compassion for humanity.

And I have seen miracles unfold.

I have had to honor of bearing witness to the miraculous birthing of peace, of harmony, of laughter and of immense love. I have seen the shedding of the I-ego gently being embraced by the grace of acceptance in my students’ lives. Whether they’re in the film and music industry or on the verge of being homeless, whether they are blissfully in love or suffering through a horrific divorce, whether they’re healthy and seeking balance or needing some pain relief as a result of disease and the medication prescribed . . . they are all one humanity to me. I love them just the same. And I have seen their miracle as I held their hands, as I assisted them safely into a pose, as I helped them find breathing to facilitate a reduction of stress in their lives and as I embraced them with love in learning how to really “let go and let God.” I have been there for them and will continue to be until my last breath here on this earth.

There is simply no word or phrase that describes the experience when I look into the eyes of their soul and “feel” their gratitude for the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga program. Knowing that yoga is the ultimate path to enlightenment, they have informed me, without a question of doubt, that it was NOT just the sacred practice of yoga, but that it was of THIS form of instruction.

I feel like I “fall into the gap” every time I teach. Whether it is with a class or in a private session, I feel that I am working with God and for God and that this is such a profound honor that I have been called to teach this . . . and perhaps even more important, that I actually, listened.

Where do you teach?

I teach in Malibu and Beverly Hills, California, and wherever else I am called to serve. And as of February, I’ll be continuing my training in a 500-hour yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea.

At this point, I plan on designing two yoga programs, one of which will be to reach out to gang members in Los Angeles. A huge undertaking, but I feel that this is a mission that must be accomplished. By instilling the conscious level of awareness of peace through nonviolent communication and judgment, a shift will take place and the change that we wish to see will become a reality.

The second yoga program will be a Christian-based program that I will take to various churches, training teachers in how to offer instruction in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and to offer it as a gift to their communities. This will also be a part of a workshop that I will be guiding for couples who have gone through, or are currently going through a separation or divorce.

One of my goals is to open a green, totally eco-based yoga studio that incorporates a variety of healing therapies, infusing them with centuries-old, proven healing techniques. I plan to donate 10 percent of all the profits to horse-rescue operations.

More about Heather

Heather holds a BRN and AAPA certificate in Continuing Medical Education from the University of California, San Diego. In addition to being an instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, she is a certified children’s yoga instructor and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Heather is also the author of the book Peaceful Separation, Peaceful Divorce and has been a featured guest on many radio talk shows in the U.S. and Canada.

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