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San Kalpa (sahn KAL-pah) is an ancient Sanskrit sutra that means “My intentions have infinite organizing power.” When you enter a meditative state and repeat this sutra, you strengthen the power of your intentions. Here is how to use it:

Spend a few minutes in meditation, allowing your mind to settle. Now imagine that the entire universe is a vast ocean of consciousness and that your intentions emerge from your heart and ripple out into this ocean, where they are fulfilled with effortless ease. Then say silently to yourself, “San Kalpa.” For every intention, whether for healing, a new relationship, wealth, or opportunity, envision the desired outcome in your mind and repeat the sutra, letting it resonate deep within you.

Sutra meditation is a powerful practice for focusing your intentions and allowing them to unfold with effortless ease. You can learn more about sutras in Deepak Chopra’s book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. In addition, you can deepen your understanding of the power of intention, attention, and synchronicity at The Chopra Center’s SynchroDestiny workshop led by Deepak Chopra.

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