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Perfect Health, Perfect Weight

This six-day program combines all the powerful elements of Perfect Health – including panchakarma cleansing, daily ayurvedic massage treatments, and foundational teachings in meditation, yoga, and ayurveda – with a complete mind-body program for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

Upcoming Dates

February 8–13
June 21–26
Oct 25–30


Perfect Health, Relieve Your Pain

Ayurveda and mind-body medicine offer a powerful approach to chronic pain. This Perfect Health program is designed especially for chronic-pain suffers, focusing on healing the physical and emotional roots at the source of pain. Experience daily ayurvedic massage treatments, panchakarma cleansing, and learn how to transform your relationship to pain – and to life – through meditation, yoga, and other healing practices.

Upcoming Dates

March 14–19


Perfect Health, Emotional Healing

This program is a powerful mind-body healing immersion that will help you restore your physical and emotional wellbeing. The cornerstone of this six-day program is panchakarma cleansing, a timeless ayurvedic treatment that releases physical and emotional toxins stored deep in the bodily tissues. In our safe and compassionate setting, you will also learn the keys to preventive wellness and emotional freedom, including:

  • Meditation techniques to melt away stress and fatigue
  • Lessons to help restore and maintain balance in your mind and body
  • How to create loving relationships with yourself and others
  • Conscious communication techniques to transform your ability to get your needs met
  • Holistic approaches to anxiety, depression, and emotional freedom


Upcoming Dates

April 19–24


10-Day Program

The 10-Day Perfect Health program is an extended version of the signature Perfect Health program, offering you an opportunity to immerse yourself in additional rejuvenating and restorative treatments following your week of panchakarma cleansing. The 10-day program features further in-depth sessions led by our master teachers on topics such as energy healing, ayurvedic cooking, and emotional health – as well as daily meditation and yoga classes.

Upcoming Dates

June 7–16
November 1–10

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