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Find Freedom from Chronic Pain

March 14–19, 2011

Are you seeking relief from long-term pain?

Everyone has experienced pain – the physical sensation of touching a hot stove, stubbing a toe, or straining a muscle. In most cases the pain subsides after a moment or two, but sometimes it persists long after what would normally be expected. Even seemingly minor muscle strains or neck injuries can give rise to pain that lasts for years. This is chronic pain which drains our life energy and can be all the more frustrating because it often exists without any identifiable medical cause. Many chronic pain sufferers have visited doctor after doctor and tried numerous prescription pain killers in search of relief.

In our experience at the Chopra Center, chronic pain responds well to a holistic ayurvedic mind-body healing approach, and we have designed a special Perfect Health Panchakarma program specifically for chronic-pain sufferers. This week-long immersion focuses on healing the physical and emotional roots at the source of pain. Each day includes soothing ayurvedic massage treatments, panchakarma cleansing to release the accumulated toxins that contribute to pain, and other healing therapies. You will also experience daily sessions in meditation, yoga, and other ayurvedic practices that promote balance and well-being in the entire mind-body physiology.


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