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My question has to do with getting out of an emotional rut. I’ve made some big changes in my life in this past year: I got out of a 5 year relationship that wasn’t working, left a high-pressure job that was sucking all the energy out of me, let go of a wonderful, but very expensive (and hence high-stress) apartment and finally put all my things in storage in order to travel for about 2 months to clear my mind and spend time with my family. This was all part of an effort to de-stress and stabilize my life. However, in amongst all this, I also got involved in another (short term) relationship which also ended rather abruptly, causing some pain. Now, I feel that I’ve come back to a relatively normal but different life: I have a job in the same organization (though different department), a more affordable apartment and I am single for the first time in five or six years. However, I also feel oddly uninspired, bored, lethargic and yes, a bit sad. I think I’ve done a lot to get out  of an unstable situation and into one that is more stable. Yet, I still feel my heart is empty and much of what I do is mechanical. What is the process by which one opens up again and feels joy? What else can I do to change my outlook and circumstances? Thank you.


I agree you have made a lot of changes to simplify your life, but I can’t tell that you have made an effort to  deepen your experience of your inner self.  Your joy, enthusiasm and creativity lies in the silence of your core Being and you can reach that just by downsizing the complexity of your life.

A daily meditation plan along with a practice of yoga asanas and frequent immersions into Nature will go a long way toward connecting you to your passion and purpose.



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