I wish to walk out of an intensely emotional relationship because I feel it is a bondage and restriction on my soul. But I feel deeply concerned about the happiness of the other person who loves me very much. How can I achieve both? How can I make him to accept this truth? Can I ask the universe to grant him every happiness and me my freedom? I really need both very badly.


No one has the ability to make anyone else accept their version of the truth. Nor can you ensure your boyfriend’s  happiness either by staying  in relationship with him or walking out.  Everyone’s happiness and truth is a product of their own beliefs and choices. Everyone has the right and freedom to determine their own life. And that is the way it should be. There is no harm in asking  the universe to grant him every happiness and for you freedom, but the fact of the matter is he already has the opportunity to be happy whether you stay together or not, and you have the ability to be free, whether you walk out of the relationship or not.

What all of this boils down to is that this is not about controlling how your boyfriend feels. You can’t control that. This is about you. Your feelings of restriction arise from within you, not the relationship. The relationship only mirrors back to you your own feelings of bondage. Walking away from  the mirror doesn’t change anything inside of you.

If you feel you are ready to look at these issues inside you, then you can use this relationship as a golden opportunity for serious personal growth.



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