I have just turned 54 and guess am experiencing a midlife crisis.  I am retired, my health is very good, my marriage is great, as are my other relationships, etc…To many it seems I have a pretty perfect life and I really can’t argue with that perception.  My question then is why all of a sudden do I have such an overwhelming fear of death, of time running by too fast, too quickly?  I become overly anxious whenever I stop and think that my husband is 62 and our time together is suddenly limited.  Even as I write this I feel my heart racing just at these thoughts.  I always thought I had a pretty deep faith in God (I am a Reform Jew) but all of a sudden….?  (I am meeting with my Rabbi to talk about this but have great respect for your work on insight as well.)  Is it just me?  Is there something else I can do to get on and enjoy life?  Thank you so much!


My sense is that you have come to the end of your old concept of life that has been defined by your career, health, and relationships.  In a sense you have succeeded fabulously and if that success was a main component in your belief about life’s purpose, then having finally arrived, there could be a strong emotional reaction that that triggers a fear of death, because that is the only way the subconscious knows how to react to this sense of coming to the end of a life concept.

What this means is that you are ripe for a major spiritual shift in your vision of life. Talking with your Rabbi is a wonderful idea in that your intuition is already guiding you to seek a deeper spiritual identity. As you embrace this new phase, you will rediscover a joy and passion in life that will make these current fears insignificant.



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