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In this day and age of “looking sexy” or “hot” … I have a very hard time with self-acceptance and body image.  I hear of people who go for cosmetic surgery, because ideally we perceive what is not “normal” or “acceptable”.  So we short change ourselves, comparing ourselves to what the media and pornography says is good looking or pretty.

I am a 44 year old woman who is very insecure about her genitalia, thus my mind obsesses about it , which ruins my days and nights thinking I am inadequate because I do not measure up to what is beautiful … especially from a man’s point of view.  My question.. how can I get over myself and just accept my body for who I am?  I struggle with body image on a daily basis, I criticize and judge myself constantly.  I really look forward to your answer.


Your feelings about your body is based on what you think men and media tell you is beautiful. There is no question that these are powerful forces, but the key to feeling good about yourself is finding your true inner beauty irrespective of those external factors.

You can learn to accept your body the way it is by appreciating what an amazing miracle  your body is. When your mind starts to obsess, stop that process by reminding yourself that is the external media talking about you, and it knows nothing about you. Instead shift to an internal  body centered awareness and acknowledge and compliment your body  for all it does for you every second of every day.

Recognize that you are unique in mind, body and spirit. You aren’t supposed to look like anyone else. You are one-of-a-kind for the very good reason that only someone with your appearance, experiences, history, loves, and special light can contribute that essential piece of the puzzle to the cosmos, that your uniqueness offers. That is your beauty. By claiming that, you will feel confident and attractive. You will know your beauty regardless of what the fashion and pornography industries may tell you. You don’t need to change a thing about your body, just change the way you perceive yourself.


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