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The Five Awakenings

David Simon loved to read, and he found inspiration and creative insight in a wide range of genres – everything from ancient spiritual texts and the poetry of his beloved Hafiz to medical journals and novels by authors such as Tom Robbins and Aldous Huxley. David also loved to write, and was the author of many popular books on the body, mind, and spirit, including Free to Love, Free to Heal, The Ten Commitments, and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Guidebook.

When he was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, David wasn’t sure that he would have the opportunity to write any more. Yet after his first surgery, he found himself waking in the pre-dawn hours with a new idea for a book called The Five Awakenings. As he writes in the intro to his forthcoming book,

To my great joy, it does seem that there is at least one more book within my awareness. I still feel a deep calling within my heart and soul to share my experiences for the benefit of others.

During my quiet hours alone, I have thought about what gives our existence meaning, and I’ve distilled my musings into five core principles or awakenings that are central to the physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual dimensions of life. These five awakenings are silence, love, nature, dharma, and healing.

My hope and my goal is to share these insights and express what I’m experiencing as I go through this challenging aspect of my journey. By bringing our attention to these subtle but universal awakenings, we can share our common experience in order to celebrate, transform, and heal.

The Five Awakenings is currently being edited and will be published by the Chopra Center Press in late 2012. We are all looking forward to seeing the fruition of David’s final book. | 888.736.6895 | About Us | Programs | Deepak Central | Community | Shop

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