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Teacher Feature

Diane Evelyn McIntosh
Kaua'i, Hawaii
Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

This month’s featured teacher, Diane Evelyn McIntosh, is a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor who teaches on the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii. Her interest in Ayurvedic medicine and mind-body healing developed during the many years she coped with chronic fatigue. When conventional medicine was unable to help, she began to explore alternative medicine and ultimately became certified as a massage therapist, specializing in Ayurvedic treatments. When Deepak Chopra and David Simon founded the Chopra Center in 1996, Diane trained other massage therapists in the ancient art of Ayurvedic massage. This month Diane shares the story of her healing journey with the Namasté community.

“I was born in Southern California in 1969. At age 14 I fell ill with a high fever that lasted for months. The doctors were never able to determine a clear diagnosis – just that I had an immune disorder with no known cure. Little did I know it at the time, but the next 26 years of disabling fatigue and feeling helpless and limited were all part of the Divine Plan for me.

“At a young age I realized that Western medicine has an incomplete understanding of the body and that it was up to me to do my own learning and, to the extent possible, take responsibility for my health. I was in high school when Deepak's book Creating Health was published in 1986. It became a favorite among the alternative medicine books I began to read.

“Although I continued to struggle with fatigue and illness, I vowed not to let it beat me, and I was proud to graduate from college with a California Teaching Credential, a B.A. in Deaf Studies, and a credential in sign language interpretation. I moved to San Diego to pursue a teaching career but along the way changed directions to focus on alternative healing.

"Coming to San Diego was a turning point for me. I had taken so many classes in high school and college, but I now realized that my true schooling for life was inner and outer work my illness was forcing me to undertake. Life didn't suddenly get easier but I felt that I was on the right path for me."

Working at the Chopra Center

“In 1995 I enrolled in the School of Healing Arts in San Diego and earned a holistic healthcare license in various massage therapies, as well as a certificate in Chinese medicine. Attending this school gave me the confidence I needed and enhanced my skills and intuitive ability. For instance, I had seen auras as a child yet I’d grown up in a society where such a thing was considered a little absurd. At the School of Healing Arts, the concept of auras and the body’s energetic field was not only accepted but was explained scientifically and in depth. It was also at this school that I first heard the announcement that Deepak was coming to La Jolla to open the Chopra Center (now located in Carlsbad). I knew my future involved Deepak and I was ready.

“When the Chopra Center opened in 1996, I was hired as an Ayuvedic technician and helped train newly hired massage therapists. I worked at the Center for several years, deepening my practice of meditation, practicing yoga, and giving and receiving Ayurvedic body work.

"I felt very lucky to learn meditation from Deepak. He generously met with about seven of us in 1996, teaching us the meditation techniques to prepare us for the Chopra Center’s upcoming meditation retreat – the first Seduction of Spirit ever offered in San Diego. That week-long event solidified my beliefs about the benefits of meditation and I knew I needed to teach it to others."

I became a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor, and for several more years, I assisted at other Seduction of Spirit retreats held all over the U.S. Before I moved to Kaua'i, I also helped to train new teachers on the Chopra Center’s Teacher’s Path."

Healing and Transformation

“On June 26, 2006 – a day that I’ll remember forever – I had an incredible healing, an out-of-body experience that cured me entirely of the frequent seizures and disabling fatigue that had limited my life for so long. I was at last able to work full time, save some money, and finally move to my long-desired dream location of Kaua’i.

"I am finally home here on Kaua'i and I feel blessed and nurtured by my surroundings. I continue to teach Primordial Sound Meditation to people who want to deepen their own meditation practice or learn a new one. I’m also working as a Sign Language interpreter and as a personal care attendant for a client who is quadriplegic. I periodically use my teaching credentials working as a K-12 substitute teacher in the public schools.

“I feel settled at last and am perpetually grateful that I live on an island that grants the opportunity to be at one with this planet as much as possible. I still feel the change of seasons here, but I can go barefoot in the winter, breathe fresh outdoor air while I sleep, and swim in clean saltwater to purify myself of toxins. I do my best to return the favor by offering whatever I can to Kaua'i and her inhabitants."

Diane Evelyn McIntosh
Certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor
Kaua'i, Hawaii


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