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Jana Fleming
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Namasté reader since 2007

Jana Fleming is a certified life coach with a clear mission: to help people love and completely accept themselves, including the parts they judge and disown. Her passion for helping others discover the gifts contained in what Carl Jung called the shadow or “hidden self” is rooted in her personal journey. “I know too well the feelings of disappointment that comes from wanting others to give us the love and approval that can only come from within,” Jana says.

“For many years I judged and compared myself to others and always came up lacking. I listened to the inner critic tell me I wasn’t smart enough, wasn't worthy and would never be successful. I realized I had a choice to make. I could continue living in the pain of self-abuse or I could take responsibility and heal the emotional wounds I carried from my abusive childhood. This choice was so important because I had a child counting on me. I was a single mom and I knew I needed to change to show her that the world was a safe place and life could be enjoyed,” she said.

After committing herself to spiritual and personal growth, Jana Fleming has transformed her life. Today she has a private coaching practice and leads several retreats every year, where she teaches Primordial Sound Meditation yoga, and other tools for self-healing and emotional wellbeing. This month Namasté is pleased to introduce Jana as a featured reader.

How long have you been a Namasté reader and what led you to subscribe?
In 2007 I subscribed from the Chopra Center website after attending an introduction to meditation class at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. As soon as I attended that class I went straight home feeling wonderful. I knew that I wanted more of what I had experienced during the meditation. . . a peace and calm that was palpable.

What kind of practical, real-world guidance does Namasté give to you?
It keeps me in the presence of my spiritual path and journey. I feel connected to a larger community of likeminded people. It keeps me current on the cutting-edge wisdom of Deepak and David Simon. I’m reminded to continue to live in my commitment to my essential Self – my soul – and to share that with others.

How have you transformed?

After a cross-country move and experiencing empty nest syndrome when my daughter left home, I had an emotional break down and break through. I realized that it was up to me to get the support I needed to live in peace and harmony. I had meditated off and on for many years and wasn’t consistent. I made a decision to seek help and learn how I could have peace of mind.

It has now been more than two years since I began consistently meditating each day, and I live with an ease and grace that allows me to be authentically who I am with confidence. My ability to surrender and trust has allowed me to strengthen my faith, especially in these turbulent times in which we are currently living. I accept life with all its joys and sorrows, and I’m letting go of attachment and fear. I enjoy a career I am passionate about, helping others to reclaim their wholeness.

What’s the favorite thing you have experienced at a Chopra Center program?
The depth of the teachings has been priceless. I have learned so many things from David and Deepak that I never learned in college or school. I especially love the stories . . . both David and Deepak are masters at telling stories that help you really take the teaching to a deeper level.

At various events and programs, I have met some amazing friends from all over the world. I have friends in France, Australia, and right here in the U.S. I have found it so exhilarating and life changing to share a connection with people who are also on a conscious path to bring about more peace in the world.

How would you describe your life at this point?
My life flows with more ease and grace.

I don’t fight the river of life any longer. Instead I am able to witness my life and the roles I play in my life from a greater detachment, which has allowed me to experience more passion in my relationships and my career.

I am able to tap into the synchronicities and signs that are directing me to my highest purpose with less melodrama. I am living my dharma, my life’s purpose, teaching Primordial Sound Meditation and shadow work, coaching, and leading retreats. I am truly blessed to be doing what I love, which is helping people discover their wholeness. I lead a retreat every three months. Most of the retreats have taken place throughout the U.S., and this year I am expanding to Canada and setting my sights on Europe.

I am forever grateful for the teachings of Deepak and David and all the staff at the Chopra Center. I am forever grateful for the gift of meditation in my life. I live in higher states of consciousness each and every day because of the commitment I made just two short years ago.

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