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Meditation Q&A

Q: I just learned to meditate and I love it. My anxiety is reduced, my stress seems to have drifted away, and I find myself enjoying life more. I really want my husband to learn too. He says that it's boring. How should I respond?

A: First of all, congratulations! You are someone who recognizes that the value and benefit of meditation is what happens during the rest of your day – not during the meditation session. If you want your husband to join you in this deeper life fulfillment, then talk to him about the benefits you are feeling. He must be feeling them too, considering you have less anxiety and are less stressed. Talk to him about what this means to him, to have a partner who can be more grounded, compassionate, and aware. There are so many forms of meditation that he can experience. Perhaps the next time you meditate, he can join you for the last 10 minutes, and the two of you can connect in that space of stillness and silence. Feel free to find a meditation teacher in your area and keep on filling your life with deeper connection, greater creativity, and more profound wholeness through your practice.

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