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Namasté Reader Spotlight

Adrilia Pedersen ― Chicago, Illinois
Namasté Reader since 2008

Adrilia Pedersen is a trainer and business consultant in Chicago, specializing in customer service and stress and change management. For many years she has been interested in spirituality and wellbeing, and in her work, she focuses on a holistic approach – one that encompasses the physical and emotional, as well as the intellectual and creative aspects, of everyone involved. This month Namasté is pleased to feature Adrilia in our Reader Spotlight.

How long have you been a Namasté reader and what led you to subscribe?
Since August 2008. I had actually heard about Namasté from friends and had attended a Deepak Chopra PBS recording in Portland, Oregon, a few years back. Periodically, friends would forward Namasté articles to me, and I would enjoy them. Then last August I attended the Renewal Weekend workshop in Chicago. That event made me much more aware of the beauty of The Chopra Center’s offerings and teachings, and since then I've been a Namasté subscriber.

What kind of practical, real-world guidance does Namasté give to you? Tips and guidance on wellness and cultivating true connection with myself and others. I enjoy learning more about meditation, breath work, and yoga practice in each issue, and I receive inspiration for continuing to live a purposeful, authentic life.

What was going on in your life that led you to enroll in a Chopra Center experience?
I had recently moved to Chicago, Illinois, from the city of Portland, where I had a rich spiritual practice and community. I was seeking and asking for help and was looking for connections in the Chicago area. I was surprised and excited to find out that The Chopra Center was coming to Chicago with a 3-day immersion in meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda, and I saw it like an answer to a prayer. The weekend was beautiful, unique, uplifting, and – at the same time – down-to-earth. It was a gift and a great foundation to rekindle my spiritual practice.

How have you transformed?
Transformation happens all the time with me; it is a constant. Throughout my life, many events and encounters have led me to live in ways that are more respectful and appreciative of the great power of Nature, feeling gratitude for so many blessings and rich experiences, and with a strong wish to uplift others and help them discover true joy, true purpose.

What is the favorite thing you have experienced at a Chopra Center program?
Receiving my Primordial Sound Meditation mantra and being able to meditate with liked-minded people was beautiful. Davidji taught the introduction and follow-up to meditation, and having the chance to experience his wisdom, enthusiasm, and presentations was wonderful. His discussion about uncovering one’s life purpose – dharma – was amazing.

How would you describe your life at this point?
It is such a great, ever-unfolding gift. It is a quest to grow, to refine, to discover. To discover more of myself and to witness the power of spiritual possibility as it manifests in people, environments, relationships, corporations, work, and healing. I'm working to help create more positive work environments and joy in work for people in our country.

I have started a blog about customer service and other topics, and thus am overcoming my fear and my former programming around being invisible or quiet. I want to share, build, motivate, and inspire. I am captivated by the opportunity to bring the practice of true Service into customer service departments. I am honored to be part of the new age of work, purposeful personal responsibility, and spiritual exploration that I see dawning all around us. This is a time of such huge potential and great transformation for our world. I am deeply grateful to my spiritual teachers and mentors, and I am humbled by the Grace and Generosity that animate my life.

Adrilia Pedersen
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