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Namasté Reader Spotlight

Mónica Elejaide ― Lima, Peru
Namasté Reader since 2007

For many years Mónica Elejalde dedicated herself to her career in finance, rising high on the corporate ladder of a large multinational corporation in her home city of Lima, Peru. Although she had achieved many of the conventional benchmarks of success, including money, recognition for excellent work, and material luxury, she had a deep sense that there must be something more. She had a growing feeling of emptiness that none of her accomplishments could fill.

As Mónica read and reread Deepak’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, she found herself resonating deeply with its timeless wisdom. Her curiosity ultimately led her to reach out to The Chopra Center, learn Primordial Sound Meditation, and tune into her own inner guidance about what would truly make her heart sing. In this Namasté Reader Spotlight, she describes the profound transformation that meditation and higher consciousness have created in her life.

How long have you been a Namasté reader and what led you to subscribe?
I´ve been reading Namasté since July 2007. I subscribed immediately after I discovered it. I wanted to learn more from The Chopra Center and I was drawn to be in regular contact with the Center via Namasté.

What kind of practical, real-world guidance does Namasté give to you?
Namasté offers just the inspiration I need . . . I feel it speaks directly to me. It’s incredible that each time I receive an issue, I’ll read an article or a few words that are just what I need to hear to help me with whatever is happening in my life at the moment. I love the fact that Deepak and David are always updating us with divine material. I also love to hear davidji´s voice leading guided meditations in some of the issues. It is always a happy event for me to open a new Namasté issue.

What was going on in your life that led you to enroll in a Chopra Center experience?
I had a very successful job in a large, multinational financial company where I was always “recognized” for my excellent work and where I earned lots of money – but that was just it . . . my work was all about money and recognition, living from my ego and always wanting more.

I was living in a stressful but comfortable zone full of nice material things, experiences, trips . . . even a new BMW . . . but I had a deep emptiness inside that nothing seemed to fill. I related to people at the level of "wallet to wallet," and my soul was telling me loud and clear that I didn’t want to operate that way for the rest of my life. I wanted to relate to people from the soul level, from the essence of who we really are. I couldn´t ignore the message because if I had, I’m sure I would have gotten very sick!

During that time, I had been reading Deepak´s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success again and again because each time I read it, I always found something new that caught my attention and made me more aware. All the words resonated with me so much. After reading it again for the umpteenth time, I told myself: I´ve got to get this, I have to get in contact with The Chopra Center, I want to become part of this. So I logged onto The Chopra Center's website and saw there was a Teacher´s Path! I called the Center and talked to Program Consultant Gabrielle Forleo. I asked her all about the Teacher´s Path and very soon I called her again to enroll in the Seduction of Spirit seminar.

How have you transformed?
My transformation began with the decision to start following my spirit, and it became much easier when I learned Primordial Sound Meditation in November of 2007. As I began to meditate twice a day, I started to have more clarity, and my intuition became stronger. I began to see and feel that all I wanted came from my spirit. All the money and recognition came from the outer world, so as big as the outer world is, my spirit is larger . . . it is as vast as the universe. When I became aware that what I really wanted comes from within, I realized that I could have spiritual abundance as well as material abundance. And I love it! I know that the more in contact I am with my spirit, the more abundant I become.

All the fears that I had about following my dreams and living my life purpose began to disintegrate. I became aware and I set my goals: resign from my job in finance, become a Primordial Sound Meditation instructor, and help people find unconditional love, beauty, peace, abundance, health, and whatever else they wanted inside of themselves – not looking for fulfillment in the externals as I had been doing. I wanted to teach others the very powerful tool of meditation, which has done such wonders for me. As I worked on my certification to become a instructor, I began to have more and more insights and inner guidance, including the inspiration to open my own meditation center here in Lima, Peru.

I had a one-pointed intention, but without attachment to the results. I was practicing everything I was learning at The Chopra Center seminars and from reading Deepak´s books. A lot of people thought I was crazy to follow my dreams, but I was absolutely sure that I was doing the right thing for me and for the people around me. I can say that meditation gave me the clarity, peace, insight, and awareness to go ahead and live in the wisdom of uncertainty.

Now I’ve become a person full of joy, bliss, love, excellent health, and also abundance. I’m making conscious choices, living from my soul, studying and learning more each day . . . always with a smile on my face that comes from my heart.

What is the favorite thing you have experienced at a Chopra Center program?
Sharing with a lot of people the same desire: to get in touch with who we really are . . . pure, unbounded, conscious awareness. Getting to see and listen to Deepak in person was absolutely blissful! I so admire him . . . he is my inspiration for transformation, my great teacher. I feel so blessed and grateful.

How would you describe your life at this point?
My life is divine, full of everyday miracles. I am manifesting my higher dreams all the time. My dharma is to help and heal, and I´m doing exactly that. I opened a holistic healing center called Samadhi, where I teach Primordial Sound Meditation and offer shiatsu, energy work, and other therapeutic massage treatments. Soon I will also become a certified instructor of kundalini yoga, which I´ll teach at Samadhi too.

My life is full of all these blissful states because of my meditation practice, which leads me every day to be in contact with the unified field, which is my own awareness, my own consciousness. I know that as long I keep on meditating, my life and the lives of the people around me will become more miraculous each day, and for that I’m forever grateful!

Mónica Elejalde – Lima, Peru
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