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Meditation Q&A

Q: I can't seem to get myself to meditate twice every day as I learned in the Primordial Sound Meditation course. Sometimes I don’t even get in one meditation during the day! Something always comes up and pulls me in another direction. What do you suggest?

A: One of the best things you can do is meditate just after you wake up, before you allow daily activities to distract you. We recommend a method fondly known as RPM (rise, pee, meditate). When you start the day with 30 minutes of silence and stillness, you will carry some of this inner calm into your day and face any challenge with greater equanimity.

Many people say that finding time for the second meditation of the day is difficult. While it can be challenging to find 30 minutes in the afternoon or evening, the benefits far exceed the efforts. David Simon offers a useful analogy: “Meditating once a day is very healing but in some ways is like treading water. The second meditation allows you to delve deeper and experience longer and longer periods in the field of pure awareness.”

Find a time during the second half of the day that you can commit to, and know that each day at that time—no matter what—you will stop, drop, and meditate. That said, if you do miss a meditation, be easy on yourself. It is merely a lost opportunity, not a bad thing in itself. Even if you haven’t meditated for several weeks or longer, you are only one meditation away from your meditation practice!

Just do your best, go forward, and don’t worry about the past. By making a commitment to bring the stillness and silence into your life each and every day, you are committing yourself to a more fulfilling, balanced, and inspired life.

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