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A Word from Dr. Simon: Commitment

Human beings are complicated creatures. With the gift of free will, we have the capacity to go beyond our conditioning and consciously engage in evolution’s experiment. Yet the millions of years of cellular memory stored in our minds induce us to stay with the familiar, even if the past has failed to generate the outcomes we seek. In this season of resolution and affirmation, we have the opportunity to renew the commitments that serve our higher self.

A commitment is a contract between your body, heart, mind, and soul. As with any contract, it is most likely to be honored if all the parties believe that it is fair and that it will meet their needs. In order to effectively translate your good intentions into great choices, you will need to ask the various layers of your self, “Will this commitment serve me?”

For example, as we begin the New Year, you may be considering committing yourself to a regular meditation practice. First ask your body how it would benefit. Your body might communicate to your soul that it would appreciate the experience of deep relaxation and that it would be able to sleep better if it had the opportunity to let go of accumulated stress on a daily basis. When you ask your heart for input, it might respond eagerly to your proposal for a meditation practice. It may observe that when you are feeling anxious and distracted by the thoughts in your mind, you tend to become critical and irritable in your relationships, sabotaging the love you seek. Your mind, however, might disagree, reminding you that since you have so many things to accomplish each day, meditation would be a waste of time.

Having identified the objector, you will need to use your negotiating skills. One approach is to ask your mind if it is willing to commit to a trial period of four weeks to see if, as a result of the greater attention and clarity gained through meditation, you are able to accomplish more in less time. In short, as you consider your commitments, if you focus on identifying and assuaging the objections that arise in your body, heart, or mind, you will have a much easier time living the change you seek.

With love,

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