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Chopra Center Staff Feature

Juan Carlos Briseno
Program Consultant, Chopra en Español

2009 begins a rebirth in the Chopra Center’s Chopra en Español division. After attending the Seduction of Spirit and Synchrodestiny events, Juan Carlos Briseno moved his entire family from Mexico and relocated to Carlsbad, California, the sweet spot of the universe. As Chopra en Español is reborn, Juan Carlos will be the global touch point between all Latino and Spanish-speaking like-minded people. Namasté sat down with Juan Carlos to discuss the vision of Chopra en Español and the personal journey that landed him in the role of Program Consultant Español.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Toluca, a city half an hour away from Mexico City.

What drew you to the Chopra Center? In two words: My mom. She invited me to the Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat and we went together in November 2007. It was an experience that completely changed my life and moved all the foundations that I had. At that point I decided I wanted to find a job that would enable me to share my experience with many others and also influence them so that they would plan to have that same experience for themselves.

Then I planted a small seed with the Chopra Center, letting them know several times that I was more than interested in working with them. I insisted and insisted and insisted. One year later, here I am, already completely relocated from Mexico and living my dream.

What do you love most about your work here? With this job I now have the gift of opening a whole new world of opportunities and experiences to many people. Also, with the launch of Chopra en Español, I will be able to give the Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S., Latin American, Spain, and throughout the world access to all the knowledge and teachings of the Chopra Center.

Do you have a favorite Chopra Center program? Definitely Seduction of Spirit. Why? Well, it does just what the name says: It seduces you. It seduces you to feel. It seduces you to be. It seduces you to open your eyes, look at the stars, and breathe in a sense of wonder. I remember that I summarized my experience in that course into one thought: Happiness can’t be saved for later. The amazing thing is that this thought didn’t drift away or stay at an intellectual level; it became a way of life that has stayed with me ever since.

What is your primary dosha and how do you stay in balance? My primary dosha is Vata. I am energetic, always moving around and planning more adventures! To be honest, meditation and yoga are what keep me in balance. These two disciplines tend to relax me, slow me down, and give me a moment to think, feel, and just be me – without having a heart rate of 200 beats per second!

Do you have a favorite Chopra Center product? The Adara Ayurvedic shampoos . . . I love how they smell!

Who are your archetypes? The most important aspect I value in someone is being able to live the right here, right now. I do like planning, yet I’ve experienced how too much planning and remembering experiences gets me away from the present. My archetype, I would say, is anyone who is capable of being present in body, mind, and spirit. And now that I think about it, by definition my archetypes are kids.

Where would you most like to travel? To Australia. For some reason, that country has resonated with me forever . . . I’ll visit Australia, that’s for sure.

What are your favorite films? My favorite film is The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino. The way it explores the human factor and the way we can or can’t control our emotions just amazes me. Also, I love a film that came out last year: Seven Pounds. I feel it is overwhelming that someone would truly give so much – literally their heart, blood, and life force – to let others live.

What is your favorite book? I would say Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. I love how it is so true that in a split second, we always know. We always know if we’re being honest or not, we always know if what we are doing will create positive or negative emotions . . . we always know.

What kind of music do you enjoy? I love all music, especially salsa, tango, and rock. I once saw a tango show in Buenos Aires and it was the most amazing dance lesson I’ve ever seen! The rhythm, how in sync the dancers were, the dim lights – all Argentina style. It was just overwhelming.

How do you spend your Sundays? With my family. I am always looking for ways to explore nature, forests, the beach, and music with them. Also, I like going out as much as possible and spending as much time as I can riding my motorcycle and playing tennis. Adriana (my wife), and Joshua and Sophia (my kids), are the lead actors of my spare time!

Do you have a list of dreams that you want to fulfill in this lifetime? I just have one: Being able to keep walking towards being a better person for myself and for everyone around me.

What was your most transcendent moment? Up until now, I have three: When my daughter, Sophia, was born; when my son, Joshua, was born; and when so many things clicked within me after attending Seduction of Spirit with my mom one year ago.

Who would you most like to invite to a dinner party? Tough one, but I would say Al Pacino and Bob Marley. There would definitely be an interesting conversation!

Do you have a favorite quotation? One that came to me when so many things clicked at Seduction of Spirit: "Happiness can’t be saved for later."

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