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Deepak in the Media

Interview with Deepak Chopra

Deepak On Larry King Live!

Deepak Speaking About Seduction of Spirit

Deepak Speaking About SynchroDestiny

Deepak on Jimmy Fallon Late Night

Deepak on Conan O'Brian

Deepak on the Bill O'Reilly Show: Dec 9, 2008

Deepak on Hannity & Colmes: Dec 2, 2008

Deepak on Larry King Live: November 26, 2008

Jesus and the Awakening to God-Consciousness

Deepak talks about his new book, Jesus on Larry King Live

The Happiness Prescription


The Happiness Prescription with Deepak Chopra delves into both research and Chopra’s revelations, combining ancient wisdom with modern-day findings on how happiness relates to health and well-being. The television special explores the definition of happiness and ways to attain and maintain it, regardless of religious or spiritual influences. Read more about the Happiness Prescription. . .

Deepak and David on the Today Show

Today Show
Dr. Chopra and Dr. Simon appeared on the Today Show, Friday, January 25th. Watch the video here

Deepak in Israel

Deepak in Israel
The Israeli Integral Salon and EnlightenNext Israel hosted Deepak Chopra and his wife Rita on 1/1/08 during thier visit to Israel. We spoke mainly about dealing with Evil and shifting the conciousness in the middle east to align with the evolutionary impulse and about doing from a reference point above ego. Watch the video here

Renewal in the New Year

Deepak on ABC
Who is the Third Jesus? A conversation between Deepak Chopra and Father
Edward L Beck on ABC News. Watch the video here

Deepak at the United Nations

United Nations

Dear Friends
I spoke at the United Nations today, Dec. 18, for the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) with a lecture, titled "Consciousness and the Pursuit of Peace." I talked about the power of creativity, the creation of joy at work and the evolution of human consciousness. See the the video here

CNN searched the globe for unheralded heroes -- people driven to exceptional achievement in service to others. Deepak was a member of the panel that selected the winners from over 7,000 nominations received by viewers in 80 countries. The tribute will be rebroadcast on Dec 25 at 1pm and 5pm. See the finalists and the winners of CNN's Heroes

Deepak and Mike Meyers on Iconoclasts

Deepak appeared on Sundance Channel's series Iconoclasts along with comedian, Mike Meyers. More information from the Sundance Channel

Deepak talks about Perfect Health

ABC News Healthy Life segment.
Click here to watch his segment.

Deepak on Fox & Friends

To watch his segment, click here and scroll down to the News You Can Use section

Deepak in the Media

An Interview with Deepak in The Sun Sentinel

Deepak talks about global peace with the Sun Sentinel Religion Editor, James D. Davis. Click here to read the article.