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Dosha Ami Teachers Path

Agni’s Featured Teacher
Ami Kanagawa – Tokyo, Japan

Ami Kanagawa is the first person in Japan to become a Vedic Master, certified as an instructor in all three branches of the Teachers Path (Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and Perfect Health). For the past five years, she has also served as a business consultant in the mobile content industry in Japan and Europe. Ami plans to open her own studio in Tokyo and teach full-time.

How many Chopra Center events have you attended?
Besides the teacher training courses in Primordial Sound Meditation, Yoga, and Perfect Health, I have attended three Chopra Center events: Seduction of Spirit, Journey into Healing, and the Perfect Health program.

What was your favorite event?
It is very hard to say because all the events were unique and wonderful. What is so great about Chopra Center events is not only the content itself but also the opportunity to meet great people from all over the world. Although I really loved all the programs I attended, if I had to pick just one, I would choose Seduction of Spirit, which transformed me and my view of life into a completely different one. It was my first Chopra Center event and I joined the one in Dublin, Ireland, in July 2007. There were about 500 people and the energy was amazing. By the third day of the event, I was sure that I would like to be one of the Chopra Center instructors and share the wonderful experience with many people in Japan!

What inspires you to teach?
I strongly believe that meditation, yoga, and ayurveda will help everyone in the world to live a happier life regardless of his/her situation. I have been inspired by the great power of these tools and I truly love them very much. So I would like to share the wisdom with everyone coming to me. And when I receive positive feedbacks from my students, I am inspired even more. I become very happy and thankful for the opportunity given to me.

If you live in the Tokyo area and would like to learn more about Ami’s courses in Primordial Sound Meditation, yoga, or Perfect Health, please contact her here:

Ami Kanagawa – Certified Vedic Master

For more information about the Chopra Center’s Teacher Training programs, click here.

Congratulations Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teachers!

Yoga Teacher Training Grads

The Chopra Center is pleased to announce our newly certified yoga teachers, who have recently completed their training in the art of teaching yoga, including the study of Sanskrit, pranayama, asana development, anatomy, meditation, and other ancient ayurvedic practices.  To find out if one of these teachers offers yoga instruction in your area, click here.

Patricia Bonavito ― New York   
Ann Bostic ― Charleston, North Carolina   
Marisa Bourtin ― Hegenheim, France   
Maureen Boyle ― Northport, Florida   
Adam Brady ― Davenport, Florida  

Anne-Marie Burford ― Harrogate, United Kingdom   
John DeRugeris ― Vero Beach, Florida     
Rodney Dunetz ― Highland Beach, Florida      
Amanda Ellis ― Washington D.C.   
Janice Heise ― New York   

Linda Hines ― Lawton, Oklahoma
Samantha Jiabia ― Kansas City,  Missouri   
Ami Kanagawa ― Yokohama, Japan   
Nancy Marlett  ― Wimberley, TX   
Carol Mims ― Raleigh, NC   

Gloria Morales ― Ramos  Canary Islands, Spain    
Sheila  Murray ― West Yorkshire, UK   
Bina Ruparelia ― Hamilton, Bermuda   
Karen Rzepecki ―Wattsburg, Pennsylvania   
Roshnee Shah ― Windsor, UK   

Jeff Skorman ― Rancho Mirage, CA   
Lyn Stroshin ― Whistler, BC, Canada   
Lori Torchia ― Mississauga, Ontario, Canada   
Noriko Tsutagawa ― Minato,  Japan

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