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What Is Perfect Health?

Each of us is an inseparable part of an infinite field of intelligence, and in this very moment, with every breath, we are exchanging millions of atoms with the universe. From this holistic perspective, health isn’t merely the absence of disease or symptoms; it is a higher state of consciousness that allows well-being, creativity, and joy to flow into our experience. Read more about perfect health here.

Discover Meditation’s Healing Power

If you were to ask me about the most important experience of my life, I would say it was learning to meditate. Meditation has been the key to the creativity, well-being, and happiness I have enjoyed it in my own life, and it continues to be the most powerful healing tool we teach at the Chopra Center. Read Deepak’s letter about meditation and its healing benefits.

Ask David Simon

How to Make the Most Healing Choices

We have two sources of wisdom to help us make life supporting, health promoting choices: our minds and our bodies. When they are in agreement, we are most likely to make evolutionary choices. The most challenging situations are those in which there is disagreement between our mind and body – our mind tells us to eat a healthy meal while our body craves the ice cream sundae. Learn how to heal the “mind-body split” here.


5 Tips for Natural Hormone Balance

Amidst growing concerns and controversy over hormone replacement therapy, many women are looking for natural alternatives to “standard” hormone therapy. The Chopra Center’s Women’s Health Director Valencia Porter, M.D. offers her perspective and natural solutions for women experiencing PMS, hot flashes, and the symptoms of menopause.  Read about natural hormone balance here.

Sweet Potato Salad

Try Our Recipe for Vata-soothing Ginger Cookies

As the weather grows cooler and we enter Vata season in the Northern Hemisphere, it is particular important to keep this primary dosha in balance with warm, grounding foods. These sweet and spicy cookies are flavored with the ginger, cinnamon, and molasses – all Vata-pacifying ingredients. Find the recipe here.

Yoga Can Heal Your Life

Yoga is a profound integrative practice that heals your body, mind, and spirit. The healing benefits include stress relief, enhanced immune function, increased strength and flexibility, improved balance, and much more. Find out how yoga can increase your health and well-being here.


What Happens at Perfect Health?

In many ways, describing the Perfect Health program is challenging because each participant is unique and the experience is tailored to their individual needs, energy levels, and intentions. To help you envision the experience of a Perfect Health week, this month Agni will boldly take on this challenge. Let us know how we do! Read about what happens at Perfect Health here.

What’s My Dosha?

“Knowing your unique mind-body constitution or dosha is essential to understanding yourself and your specific strengths and weaknesses. The Dosha Quiz will reveal your primary dosha – and the steps you can take to restore balance, prevent illness, and create emotional and physical health. Take the Dosha Quiz here.

Teachers Path News

Ami Kanagawa was the first person in Japan to become a Vedic Master, certified by the Chopra Center as an instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation, Yoga, and Perfect Health. Read about Ami here. We’re also pleased to announce our new yoga instructors. Read about the recent yoga teacher graduates here.

Perfect Health

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