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A New Book from Gotham and Deepak!

Walking Wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs and the Search for a Happy Life is a poignant and powerful narrative and dialogue of and between fathers, sons, and dogs. Chronicling all of the love and licks that come with having a dog along with the contradictions, complexities, and consequences of having children, Gotham and Deepak weave an entertaining and enlightening read. Together they guide readers through some of the most powerful spiritual qualities embedded not only in the planet's oldest wisdom traditions (including Joy and Playfulness, Innocence, Devotion and Trust, Unconditional Love and more) but also in the souls of man's best friends, dogs. The final result is in essence amongst the most insightful and spiritual of Chopra books because of its honesty, elegance, and authenticity.

Read the introduction to Walking Wisdom here:

A Letter from Gotham

Collaborating with my famous father is not as easy as you may think. Mostly because he always thinks he’s right. And it’s not that easy to argue the point, considering he’s penned close to sixty books, many of them bestsellers.

But if there’s an area I have a leg up on him, it’d probably be dogs.

Or so I thought. It turns out in fact that Deepak does know dogs. Not in any sort of Dog Whisperer way, but in a more intuitive, observational way. While he’s never quite been a dog lover, when we got our first dog when I was seven years old, he soon discovered that the dog was a very worthy test subject for many of his wacky theories on social conditioning and consciousness. So began a symbiotic relationship that would really intensify with our current rescue mutt, Cleo, that has been with us for just over a decade now.

It was last year, as I entered an exciting new stage of my own life – fatherhood – that I decided to really start my own testing. As I contemplated what values and life lessons I really wanted to impress upon my son, I started to wonder who I should really be emulating – my dad or my dog? Therein was born the book Walking Wisdom, which I collaborated on with my father, the introduction of which I am very proud to be sharing with you here. The book, along with a documentary film I am directing right now (and the trailer for which is below), have become important and enlightening explorations for me right now.

As many of you know, my father has written on pretty much everything – from the mind of God, to life after death, to how to improve your sex life (ew gross) to how to improve your golf stroke. But I promise you, this book is very different than any that has come before it. Not just because there’s a lot of Deepak on dogs in it, but because there’s a lot of decoding Deepak in it. And at least for me, in that decoding I discovered a lot more wisdom than I think I ever really believed was there.

~Gotham Chopra

Walking Wisdom


Seduction of Spirit


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