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“Every child is born into the infinite field of creativity and
pure awareness that is spirit. But not every child knows this is true.
Spirit must be cultivated. It must be nourished and encouraged
so that a child’s innocent spirit can grow up strong.” 
~ Deepak Chopra

Enjoy a preview of On My Way to A Happy Life here:

The On My Way To A Happy Life iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app is now available on the App Store! The hardcover book has just been released! Order your copy at,,, or wherever books are sold.

Below, you can preview a clip of Deepak's narration of On My Way To A Happy Life.

You with the Stars in Your Eyes

On a cool summer’s eve, five-year-old Tara takes a walk on the beach with her grandfather. When he is not quite sure how to answer her questions about love and life, the Moon herself joins in on the conversation. She tells Tara that the stars made our eyes so they could see themselves. She also explains that everyone we see is our own self in a different form.

Deepak Chopra’s first children’s book is a sweet and poignant story that reveals the meaning of true love.


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