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Agni May 2009

Featured Teacher

Featured Teacher

Dr. Brent Cesare

Certified instructor of Perfect Health/Ayurveda Lifestyles Program

Atlanta, Georgia
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Dr. Brent Cesare

Certified Instructor of Perfect Health/Ayurveda Lifestyles Program

This month’s featured teacher is Dr. Brent Cesare, a physical therapist and certified Perfect Health instructor in Atlanta. Dr. Cesare leads Perfect Health workshops and treats individuals at the Atlanta Back Clinic.

How many Chopra Center events have you attended?
I first attended Journey into Healing with my wife, Ana Lisa, in California and was so moved by the information and harmonious environment that I knew I wanted to share these principles with others. During my three years in graduate school for physical therapy, not once was the spiritual side of health and well-being addressed. It was a much-awaited breath of fresh air to hear the Chopra Center speak about the connection between mind-body-spirit in medicine. I also attended Seduction of Spirit in Austin, Texas, and experienced deep stillness and inner peace during this retreat. I then attended the Perfect Health Certification in November 2008 with about twenty other wonderful people and have been teaching since then.

What was your favorite event?
Whatever event I was experiencing at the time. All of the events I have attended are so unique and uplifting. I feel so good and at home with the Chopra family no matter where the event is held or what topics are discussed. My inner Pitta loved the informational content of Journey into Healing because I can better understand Ayurveda and how to share it with others in the health field. I also loved re-connecting and experiencing the Gap and reconnecting with Inner Stillness at Seduction of Spirit. I am also very excited to attend SynchroDestiny later this year with my wife!

What inspires you to teach?
For me, there is no greater reward than helping others when they feel lost or don't know where to turn for help. That is why I became a physical therapist, and that is why I believe in the powerful potential of Ayurveda to lead us away from pain and discomfort into the realm of hope and empowerment for a better life . . . and a happier life.

I remember going through panic attacks when I was younger and feeling completely helpless. Many people reached out to try to help me, while others wanted to help but didn't know how. I knew there was a better way than just relying on medication. In the long run, meditation, breath work, and the loving support of my friends and family helped me more than anything. Ever since that time, I’ve wanted to help others help themselves.

In a world where it easy to disconnect from Nature and become absorbed in things that are really not very important, teaching the principles of Ayurveda is a daily reminder of my personal dharma, and why I am here. If I don't share this knowledge to help others, then it is truly wasted.

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