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Agni May 2009

Featured Reader

Featured Reader

Trina Becksted

Chopra Center Newsletter reader since 2004

Scottsdale, Arizona
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Healing the Heart


Trina Becksted

Trina and Deepak

Trina Becksted has created a successful business based on her passion for mind-body medicine and self-empowerment. She is the founder and president of CloudNine Marketing, which specializes in holistic health events and authors.

How long have you been a Chopra Center newsletter reader and what led you to subscribe?
I’ve been a subscriber since 2004, when I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. The newsletter helps me feel connected to the Chopra Center community, and it gives me regular doses of inspiration and ideas to use in my life.

What led you to enroll in a Chopra Center experience?
In April 2001 I met Deepak when I helped organize a speaking event he was offering.  He recommended that I attend the Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat in San Diego that summer, and it turned out to be life-changing for me. Both Deepak and David are masterful teachers, and getting to learn from both of them in one week was very special.  Each morning David would talk about the spiritual Law of the Day, and his words had an amazing heart-opening affect on me. On the second day, I started crying and I knew my heart was opening and healing. The retreat was a beautiful experience and I’ve never forgotten it.

Can you tell us about one of your favorite experience at a Chopra Center program?
Last year I attended the Perfect Health program, and I never could have guessed it would so transforming. I already knew a little bit  about Ayurveda and mind-body healing, but the Perfect Health program really brought it all together for me.  The Chopra Center’s setting at La Costa Resort is so enchanting, and I loved the atmosphere, which was warm, healing, friendly, and life-affirming. I really want to thank my Program Consultant, Lisa Rodrigues, for helping me take the next step with Perfect Health. She has been such a doll, and I’m so grateful for our relationship.

One of the most empowering parts of the program was David Simon’s class on emotions and conscious communication. The skills I learned are really making a difference in my relationships – and are making my life much less stressful! I felt so inspired after my week of Perfect Health that I knew I had to be part of the Chicago launch for David’s new book.

Join us for the Launch of David Simon's New Book!

This May 27, David Simon is returning to his home city of Chicago to launch his new book Free to Love, Free to Heal: Heal Your Body by Healing Your Emotions. At this special evening organized by Trina, David will discuss the keys to emotional healing, answer questions, and sign books.

Vist Trina's website to learn more about An Evening with David Simon:

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