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In every moment, we are shaping our reality using our thoughts, intentions, attention, desire, and imagination. When we want to manifest something in our lives – whether it’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, financial abundance, loving relationships, or anything else – the most powerful tool at our disposal is our own consciousness…our own awareness.  

The more we let go of the constrictions, limiting beliefs, and emotional toxicity that cloud our consciousness, the more powerful we become at setting clear intentions and tapping into our unlimited creative potential.

Each Chopra Center program is designed to teach you how to move from some aspect in your life that is constricted or stuck to an ever-increasing experience of expansion and wellbeing. In addition, each Chopra Center experience has a specific focus so that participants can receive guidance and support that is customized to your individual concerns. This month Agni is highlighting three of our signature programs  that focus on manifestation.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Free to Love

Weekend Within


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