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Agni June 2009

Journey into Healing

Ignite Your Wanderlust

Wanderlust – in its original translation from German, this word meant “to enjoy the hike.” In English, we’ve borrowed this term and altered it a bit to mean a “desire to journey.” So you could say our entire life is one long journey with each moment extending into the next, building upon what has already been created. With each step we venture forth into an unknown realm; with each word, each thought, and each action, we participate in the unending creation of the universe. Life’s impressions flow through us, and we distill them through our intellect and define them through our ego.

We get to choose our interpretation. Sometimes our life conditioning clouds or influences the moment, our interpretation, and our response. But nevertheless, our own individual view of life is the only interpretation we have. Our personal journey is THE journey and we have a choice: dive in and celebrate the journey or back up, freeze, or complain about it. When we find ourselves feeling constricted, jealous, or fearful, or we are looking outside of ourselves for answers, it is evident that we have chosen to view the journey with a less-than outlook that comes from an interpretation of lack or scarcity. When we find ourselves feeling expansive, abundant, and affluent . . . then it is clear that we are seeing our journey from the perspective of love.

Regardless of our interpretation, in each moment the journey continues . . . and we have the opportunity in that instant to take a step towards abundance, expansion, and wanderlust – to learn as we grow, to see each moment as a guidepost of the journey, and to know that only from a place of openness does our world grow.

Right now you probably know someone in a state of constriction (it may even be you). They are in pain and fear; they feel doubtful and they do not believe in themselves or in the divine god or goddess that rests within. They may be exhibiting panic, stress, anxiety, greediness, selfishness, aggressiveness, or just plain meanness. Know that in any moment, this could be any of us. The antidote is unconditional love. The remedy is finding out what your heart is longing for. The cure is wanderlust . . . opening to the unknown, if just a little bit at a time.

As David observes in this month’s Agni, the true journey is learning to see the world with fresh eyes. This is our daily path to freedom and expansion. Enjoy your journey . . . wherever it leads.

In gratitude,
The Chopra Center Staff

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