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What Are Your Deepest Desires and Intentions?

After our most recent course in Taos, New Mexico, we received heartfelt feedback about the transformation and wonderful results participants are experiencing through the principles of SynchroDestiny. We’d like to share a few of the comments we received:

Deborah, a scientist living in California, writes, “I came here with the full intent to wherever I needed in order to ‘let go’ of what I was holding on to and to find the path and courage to manifest what I am here to do. The transformation was profound on all levels.  The whole event – the teachings of Deepak, the wit and meditations of davidji, and the moments of personal change were all powerful. I came for a quantum leap and it happened!”

Bob is a software executive from Yakima, Washington, who  attended SynchroDestiny with his father. He said, “I can’t get enough . . . my Dad and I are on our third Chopra Center event and he is already planning our next. I thought I was a spiritual guy but realize there’s so much more on the path to enlightenment. I just want to say THANK YOU!”

We also heard from Cindy, a yoga teacher from Alberta, Canada, who wrote about how SynchroDestiny helped her discover new layers of her untapped potential.  She concluded, “At SynchroDestiny, I surrendered some very limiting beliefs and replaced them with positive commitments to my personal expansion.”

And Vanita, a marketing VP from New York City had this to say, “I learned the need for detachment, surrender, and letting go/letting God. I learned to view myself and the world as one – as pure consciousness and infinite possibilities. Overall, the experience comes together intensely – each experience builds on the others as a whole. Deepak’s lectures were so enlightening – he makes you take a quantum leap in your thinking process.”

What is SynchroDestiny?

Most high achievers know how to set their mind to a task, work hard, and get results – but often their success comes at the expense of their health, relationships, and even happiness. Some end up burning out, living with intense stress, and losing touch with what they really wanted in the first place.

This October 20–24 at the Chopra Center’s signature workshop SynchroDestiny, participants will learn a better way to fulfill their deepest desires.

For more than a decade, acclaimed mind-body experts, best-selling authors, and Chopra Center co-founders – Deepak Chopra and David Simon – have led this powerful four-day seminar in countries throughout the world, teaching thousands of people the practical tools and techniques for creating success and joy in every aspect of their lives.

SynchroDestiny is a unique program that dives deeply into the laws of nature that structure the fulfillment of desires. It draws upon the insights of the perennial wisdom traditions and modern quantum physics to help us understand why our lives take the paths they do. We explore how to harness the infinite organizing power of intention to actively participate in the shaping of our destiny. We learn to calm emotional turbulence so we can be alert to the conspiracy of improbabilities that makes life magical.

Our final SynchroDestiny course for 2010 will take place in the sweet spot of the universe – the Chopra Center’s beautiful home at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California.

Join us in this soul-nurturing setting where Deepak Chopra & David Simon will teach you how to move beyond conditioned thought-patterns and self-limitations – and create the life you’ve been yearning for.

There’s still time to take advantage of our Sweet Summer Savings Discount and sign up for this special event.

Click here to learn more about SynchroDestiny

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