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Agni July 2009


Romance Free to Love, Free to Heal

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“What creates romance is the ability to see yourself as lovable”
~ Deepak Chopra

Romance is both the entrance point to love’s journey and a spiritual essence that brings play and lightheartedness into our relationships. This month we invite you to celebrate the spirit of romance by sharing a special date with your beloved.

Learn Something New Together
Choose an activity that neither of you have ever tried before. A few ideas: Float down a river on a innertube, learn to paint, play backgammon, build a bookcase, make a kite and fly it, join a book club, practice yoga, volunteer for a good cause,or bake a soufflé.

When you try something new, you can tap into a creative, childlike aspect of yourself . . . stepping out of the realm of what you already know or are already good at, into the realm of Beginner’s Mind. You open yourself to fresh experiences and new ways of seeing that you can enjoy with your partner.

Uncover a Deeper Layer of Yourself
To share true intimacy with another requires that you know yourself, you trust yourself, and you love and accept yourself − including all your imperfections. For a date that will help you and your loved one expand the ability to give and receive love, we suggest choosing a beautiful place in nature, packing a picnic, and delving into David Simon’s new book, Free to Love, Free to Heal.

Filled with healing wisdom and practical tools, Free to Love, Free to Heal will help you release negative core beliefs and stored emotional pain ― freeing you to love and be loved. You may also be interested in the Free to Love, Free to Heal workshop, where David will personally guide you in the powerful five-step process of emotional healing described in his book. The Chopra Center offers a special tuition discount for couples attending together.  

Make a Monthly Date with Spiritual Cinema
The Spiritual Cinema Circle gives you access to the inspiring and entertaining movies created by independent filmmakers. Each month, Spiritual Cinema members receive a movie that is specifically chosen for its spiritual, heart-nourishing qualities.  Learn more about Spiritual Cinema

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