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Take the Plunge

This month Agni celebrates the exhilaration of taking a creative leap in the direction of freedom, love, and happiness. The size of the leap doesn’t matter; if you’re feeling fearful about moving into a new arena, even the smallest baby step can break the spell of resistance or inertia, and energize you to take another small step. Share your first step in fulfilling your commitment on our blog.

Diving into Pure Potential

As children, the possibilities seem endless, and we are energized by the promise of discovery and the sheer pleasure of living immersed in so much potential. But as we grow up, many of us adapt an extremely constricted view about what is possible. There is a way to regain the soaring joy of unlimited potential. Read Deepak’s letter here.

Ask David Simon

Trust the Current of Life

Sometimes we have to take the first step even if the road is not clearly laid out before us. Given the possibilities available to us, we tap into the intelligence of our mind and the intelligence of our body. The greater the alignment between our mind and body, the easier it is to take the first step, and the more likely it is that our intended outcome will manifest. Read David’s letter here.

Is Your Decision-Making Style Holding You Back?

Think about the various decisions you’ve made this week. Which ones were easy? Which were difficult? Are there any decisions you have been putting off or avoiding? Did you make any impulsive choices? This quiz will give you some insight into your decision-making style and show you how to become a master decision maker. Get focused here.

Introducing Easy Enrollment Online!

Now you can enroll in your favorite Chopra Center programs, retreats, and workshops with just a click of your mouse. Find our book recommendations, news about David Simon’s San Francisco Bay Area events, and Deepak’s upcoming programs. Read the Chopra Center news here.

Sweet Potato Salad

Vegetable Tofu Scramble

Prepared with fresh vegetables, fragrant herbs, and tofu, this easy recipe is delicious and satisfying at any time of day. To make a breakfast burrito to go, add a little cheese and salsa to the tofu mixture and wrap inside a warm flour tortilla. Find our recipe here.


Join Deepak and David in Southern California!

Have you been asking yourself how you can stop rushing through life, improve your health, and focus on what you really, really want? This spring at Weekend Within, take your first steps on the path to greater health and wellbeing. Find out more about our introductory workshop here.


3 Steps to Break Out of a Rut

How do we break free from repetitive thought-patterns and behaviors that limit our experience of freedom, happiness, and fulfillment? Learn this powerful 3-step process for breaking free here.

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