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Agni's Featured Teacher
Pauline Rohdich – Galway, Ireland

Before becoming a certified instructor of meditation and yoga, Pauline Rohdich spent many years developing professional careers in several fields, including eight years as a police officer in the Irish Police Force, sixteen years serving in the cabin crew for British Airways, and six years managing a successful food business.

Pauline says, “At 45 years of age, I am finally living the life I am meant to! I am truly in my dharma. I take this newfound joy in living my purpose in life with a sense of responsibility to pass on the very empowering ancient wisdom which I am constantly learning and absorbing.

“As a result of the confidence I’ve gained from the teacher training and wisdom at the Chopra Center, I recently opened a Holistic Healing Centre in Tuam, in West Ireland. My aim for the Centre is for it to be a place of relaxation, meditation, yoga and − very importantly − a space for spiritual growth.”

How many Chopra Center events have you attended and which was your favorite?
I’ve attended five events, including Journey into Healing and the certification courses for Primordial Sound Meditation and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. My favorite event so far was Seduction of Spirit, in Dublin 2008. It was the beginning of my amazing journey with the Chopra Center and my true self!

What inspired you to become a teacher?
I have always given 100% commitment and approached all my previous jobs with respect and determination. However, despite this, there was always a void in my life . . . I always felt a need to find “something.” I realize this “something” comes in many ways, and for me it came when my son, Finn, was born, fulfilling my desire to be a mother. I felt I had my first little “student” and I truly felt my role as teacher had been born. I want to be a good role model for Finn, empowering him to make conscious choices as he journeys along.

I am passionate about helping others to believe that there is another way! A few shifts in perspective can result in less stress, newfound creative solutions, and tremendous self-realization.

I am grateful to my husband, Declan, for his continuous support as I stepped outside the family box to pursue my dream, and of course my adorable son, who inspires me every day and who fills me with absolute joy as he enjoys his experience with yoga. The fact that he is learning the language of yoga at this young age is amazing to me.

I am thoroughly enjoying my experiences at the moment, realizing that I am both teacher and student, helping and serving, loving and living . . . preparing for the next chapters in my ever enjoyable life.
If you live in the Galway area and would like to learn more about Pauline’s classes in Primordial Sound Meditation or the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, please visit her website at

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