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The Heart of Meditation

A Vedic expression declares, “Reality is different in different states of consciousness.” We could as easily say that truth is different in different states of consciousness. During sleep, the experiences, images, and people in our dreams seem so real, yet they dissolve into mists of barely retrievable memories when we awaken in the morning. In our waking lives, the story we weave feels just as real. Still it is our own consciousness that is co-creating every experience and interaction.

And what is consciousness? Consciousness is the potential for all creation. At the deepest level, it is vibration. As some of the most modern theories of physics are telling us, the whole manifest universe is made up of different frequencies of vibration. Everything that we perceive as physical is really made up of fundamental wave forms of energy and information.

The 5,000-year-old Vedic tradition teaches the same principle: In the beginning, there was the un-manifest field of pure potentiality, the ocean of pure potential, and then it began to vibrate. That vibration, those waves on the ocean, was silence becoming manifest. The sound om is in fact the expression of this ultimate field of pure potential.

From a Vedic perspective, everything is sound. This is the idea expressed by the Sanskrit term nama rupa. Nama is the origin of the word “name” or “sound,” and rupa means form. Nama rupa means that underlying every form is a vibration. If something is creating distress in that form, on some level we can see it as dissonance in the vibration. So all healing is really the restoration of harmony, and there are various ways to re-establish harmony, including the timeless practice of meditation.

Primordial Sound Meditation, which we teach at the Chopra Center, is a mantra meditation based on the principles and power of vibration: People are given a specific sound or mantra to repeat during their meditation. The sounds chosen are fundamental to the physiology and psychology of human beings. When we allow the sounds to resonate in our awareness, they have a harmonizing, healing, and transformational effect. They allow us to move beyond the noise thought chatter of our minds – the stories that we are constantly telling ourselves – into the silence and peace of pure consciousness.

Meditation in its essence is about vibrating between the level of the personal and universal, between mind and no-mind, between constriction and expansion. Even in constriction, we are not attached to a particular outcome or resisting what is; we are just observing with witnessing awareness. As we  meditate on a regular basis, we become increasingly awake and aware of the connection between mind and no-mind, without judging either state. In the process, we shift our identify from our ego and stories to the silent witness that is not bound in time or space.

With this expansion of self comes freedom and creativity. Then our mind becomes the instrument of our soul that is whispering its sacred message to you. As long as our mind is writing the script of our life, we are caught in the net of past and future. When our soul assumes its rightful place as the author of our intentions, we begin to hear its quiet voice whispering encouragement to make choices that bring happiness, health, love, meaning, and peace.



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