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Featured Teachers

Featured Teachers
Seduction of Spirit Contest

Seduction of Spirit Contest

Featured Teachers

Mary and Bruce Davis – Seattle, Washington

This month Agni is pleased to spotlight Primordial Sound Meditation teachers Mary and Bruce Davis. Married now for 31 years, they meditate together regularly and say it has had a profound effect on their relationship. “The time we spend meditating has strengthened the spiritual core of our marriage,” says Mary. “Whatever other challenges we may be facing with family or work, returning to the silence and stillness of meditation brings us back to our center—of ourselves individually, and of our partnership.”

About ten years ago, they learned Primordial Sound Meditation and have become certified instructors of this ancient healing practice. They are actively involved in teaching and are currently converting an arts-and-crafts studio behind their home in Seattle into a meditation studio, where they will offer meditation classes and group meditation sessions.

How many Chopra Center events have you attended?

Bruce: We’ve attended about a dozen courses sponsored by the Chopra Center. The fact is, we’ve lost count! We enjoy meeting new friends, learning more about meditation from Deepak Chopra and David Simon, and taking a quantum leap forward in our own spiritual growth.

Mary: We usually plan ahead to participate in one to two Chopra Center programs a year. We consider it our spiritual vacation. Whether an event is held at the Chopra Center in California or at a resort like Whistler, BC, the settings are always relaxing and support the experience of deep meditation. In fact, we will be attending Seduction of Spirit in Whistler again this month. Over the years we’ve found that our typical vacations were filled with endless activity that left us feeling exhausted rather than replenished and rested. Our spiritual vacations at Chopra Center courses renew our energy and deepen our practice. It is so much more refreshing.

What was your favorite event?

Bruce: It’s hard to name just one favorite because each program has its own unique qualities. With our background in family medicine, the first course we attended was Journey into Healing course, because of the foundation it provided in ayurvedic healing. At SynchroDestiny and Secrets of Enlightenment there is the opportunity to spend time learning with Deepak and David in a smaller group setting . . . it’s a chance to get more proximity to the teachers and get our individual questions answered in more depth. These two courses led both Mary and I to each make some significant changes in our professional work and refine our life direction.

Mary: If “favorite” means the event we’ve attended most often, then Seduction of Spirit and its associated retreat, Seduction of Silence, are at the top of our list. We’ve been to Seduction five or six times and have found such value in the advanced meditation practices and the daily yoga. It adds so much to our meditation and spiritual path when we get home. Sharing this experience together, again and again, has deepened the spiritual dimension of our life together.

What inspires you to teach?
Mary: I became a nurse practitioner to help people in the process of healing in many dimensions. Teaching Primordial Sound Meditation is probably the deepest level of healing that I’ve ever been able to share with others. I plan to be an active teacher of meditation for many years to come.

Bruce: There has been no practice, workshop, book, or teacher that has provided me with as much healing and spiritual growth as meditation. I often tell meditation students that it’s one of the very best things I’ve found in this life. To facilitate another person’s introduction to the practice and to see their surprise at the power and effectiveness of meditation is deeply gratifying to me. It is very close to the core of my personal mission.

If you live in the Seattle area and would like to learn more about the Primordial Sound Meditation courses led by Bruce and Mary, please contact them here:

Bruce Davis

Mary Davis
Email: | Website:

For more information about the history and practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, click here.

Meditation Teacher Graduates!

Congratulations to our newest graduating class of Primordial Sound Meditation instructors. Watch them on video here.

Our new teachers:

PSM Grads

Anne Adkins – Canada

Kem Algu – Canada

Julia Anastasiou – United Kingdom

Grethe Boe – Norway

Marisa Bourtin – France

Hilda Carroll – Ireland

Ann Connolly – Australia

Micheal DeBuitlear – Ireland

Bob Diskin – Canada

Elaine Dowling –  Ireland

Ann Englert –  Florida, USA

Mari Carmen Fernandez – Spain

Alison Francis – United Kingdom

Hans Frints – Netherlands

Nicole Ghenzi – Ireland

Gara Dorothea Giffhorn – Switzerland

Kimm Harris – Iowa, USA

Anita Hellemons – Netherlands

Yvette Hooites Meursing – Netherlands

Flora Kaschani – Switzerland

Vickie Krall – Florida, USA

Markus Latscha  – Switzerland

Karin Maeland – Norway

Reena Maraj – Canada

Tawni Maughan  – Texas, USA

Niall McDonagh  – Ireland

Patricia McGraw – Netherlands

Carole McMurray –  Scotland

Lona Moller – United Kingdom

Sarah Morris – United Kingdom

Amarjit Morrow – United Kingdom

Sheila Murray –  United Kingdom

Amal Nasser –  Syria

Angeli Neter – Germany

Sandra Osborne – United Kingdom

Joan Phelan –  Ireland

Peter Platel – Belgium

Mary Queeney – Ireland

Karla Refojo – California, USA

Pauline Rohdich – Ireland

Roshnee Shah – United Kingdom

Shahin Soubra – Virginia, USA

Jane Stachowiak – Massachusetts, USA

Caroline Swain –  United Kingdom

Darren Treloar  – Norway

Noriko Tsutagawa – Japan

Jim Waters – Ireland

Rosalinda Weel – Netherlands

Marci Wieland – Georgia, USA

Mariam Withana  –  Australia

Christoph Zimmermann – Switzerland

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