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Every day at the Chopra Center we feel blessed and honored for the opportunity to share the gifts of meditation, yoga, ayurveda, and mind-body healing with hundreds of thousands of like-minded souls throughout the world. The timeless teachings and loving atmosphere of the Center inspire us in our mission here and in our personal lives. This month Agni asked the Chopra Center staff what inspires them most. Here are their reflections, offered with the intention to spark your own inspiration.


I'm inspired by the creative abundance of nature, the resiliency of the human heart, and the vision that we can create a world that  deserves our children's dreams and laughter.
~ David Simon, Medical Director and Co-founder

Receiving unconditional love and light from my Chopra Center family, our event guests, and our amazing teachers around the world inspires me every day to wake up and lead with love.
~ davidji, Master Instructor of Perfect Health and Primordial Sound Meditation

I am truly inspired by ALL the people I connect with each day as they reach out to the Chopra Center wanting to connect with their own soul and spirit!!! I feel honored and inspired as they allow me to be a part of their journey inward.
~ Jenifer Fitting, Program Consultant and Certified Instructor of Perfect Health and Primordial Sound Meditation

The ever present witness of the divine inspires me daily. I see it weave its way through my life, allowing me the breath that moves me forward – each step toward the next divine experience.
~ Jonnelle Provine, Knowledge Department

I am inspired by my friend Ruth who, at the age of 36 and facing terminal cancer, prays only for others . . . for her husband and children to have strength in her absence, for the school in Haiti they built together to thrive, for its students to grow and learn to be inspired to create a better world. 
~ Angela Smith, Healing Arts Master

I'm inspired by anyone on a spiritual path . . . usually the road less traveled . . . requiring discipline, courage, and patience (among other qualities).
~ Kole Schreiber, Guest Services

My daughter, Emma, inspires me with her perseverance. Born a whopping 2.25 pounds to her twin brother’s 7 . . . at 28 months she is now stronger and faster than all of the boys in her pre-school class.
~ Michael Xavier Garro, Web Manager, Chopra Center Products

The love that my husband and I share is not only my inspiration but also my transformation. Each day I witness the many ways in which Spirit flows through us, connecting us, and guiding us. All of us. An open heart is our compass.
~ Amanda Linkul, Event Manager

Watching the sunrise after my morning meditation is my inspiration that guides me throughout my day!
~ Nicole Bondurant, Program Consultant

When I look beyond the ups and downs of life, I sit in awe of how much I am grateful for. In this space of gratitude, I am inspired by the smallest of moments. 
~ Emily Hobgood, Healing Arts Master /Certified Perfect Health Instructor

I am inspired by the creativity and abundance in nature from the insects in my garden to the stars and galaxies in the skies above.
~ Valencia Porter, M.D., Director of Women’s Health

I am continually inspired by the beautiful, creative ladies I work with.
~ Alex Fox, Marketing Assistant

I am constantly inspired by the life and deeds of my amazing friend Jamie Mathews, the most translucent person I know.
~ Ben Young, Healing Arts Master/Certified Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor

The many selfless souls working for the greater good, without regard to their own gain or even their own comfort, inspire me; they are “Oneness” in action . . . affirmation that we are not separate beings.
~ Nancy Ede, Catalog Sales & Customer Service

The thing that inspires me the most is being aware, every morning and every evening, that this life story, this script, this book is still being written, and it is written by me and you.
~ Juan Carlos Briseno, Consultor de Programas / Program Consultant

The steady and constant laughter and love of my family inspires me and fills me with joy, reminding me of what is most important in this life.
~ Toni Morris, Sales Support Team Member

Drawing the layers of life (from Adi Shankara’s body-mind-soul diagram) in sidewalk chalk with my 3-year-old daughter, Stella, inspires me to remember our true identity as spirit.
~ Michael McShane, Program Consultant and Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

I am truly inspired by Danish singer-songwriter Tina Dico. Her songs are the soundtrack to my life.
~ Charlotte McCleary, Graphic Designer

Photographer Sebastião Salgado inspires me with his ability to portray the human condition with beauty, dignity, and compassion.
~ Tee Taylor, Marketing Coordinator

Life inspires me!
~ Edie Flaiz, Vedic Master and Teachers Path Coordinator

I’m deeply inspired by autobiographies written from the heart, by people who have overcome major challenges in their lives (everyone!) and have found transformation, meaning, and happiness.
~ Kyla Stinnett, Copy Editor & Writer

My daily inspiration comes from an abundant connection with existence which wakes me every morning, carries me through each day, and tucks me in at night.
~Merwan Ramsden, Healing Arts Master

I am inspired by a cool swim in the ocean, listening to my breathing, quieting my mind, settling into a silent underwater rhythm while being held weightless in the arms of Mother Nature.
~ Sara Harvey, Director of Chopra Center Products

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