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Create Journey into Healing

Jump-start Your Creativity

“Infinite flexibility and creativity are the secrets to immortality.”
~ Vedic saying

When you play and open yourself to new experiences, you enter into the present moment. You see the world with fresh eyes, relinquishing rigid ideas about how things “ought to be” and opening yourself to creative solutions and transformation. Here are a few activities to jump-start your creativity. Start with whichever one appeals to you most and let us know about your experiences and insight. Write to us at

Pick an object. It can be an everyday item off your desk, a travel souvenir, a favorite relic, or any other object that draws your attention. Now imagine that you have just discovered this item on an archaeological dig. Write a short story about what it is and how it was used. Speculate about the people and culture that produced the object . . . who used it? Was it reserved for special ceremonies? What did it represent to those who created it? 

Choose a familiar song and make up new lyrics. Choose something simple such as a favorite children’s song or your favorite Beatles classic.

Go Outside
Take a brisk walk or a run in a beautiful park or somewhere in nature. Inhale the life force of the plants with your full attention, imagining the air entering your lungs, flowing to your heart, and fueling the millions of life processes taking place in every second. At night, go outside and gaze at the stars, feeling the unboundedness of the universe.


Go to an art supply or crafts shop and buy 3–6 paints in colors you love. You can try watercolors, acrylics, or whatever kind of paint appeals to you. Don’t worry about what you will paint – just choose colors that you make your heart sing. Also select a surface for your project  . . . canvas, paper, board. Set aside half an hour where you won’t be disturbed and let yourself paint.  Allow yourself to play and request a “silent period” from your inner critic. Paint with your fingers, your hands, or your nose! Let the child in you play freely. 

Turn down the lights and turn up the music and let your body move!  You can dance alone or invite a group of friends over. Let go of any ideas about whether you can dance. Let the music wash over you and free your body to move. You’ll feel energized and you may even release hidden reservoirs of creativity.

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