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Teacher Feature
Eduardo González is a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor who teaches in Venezuela. A talented teacher and speaker, Eduardo also hosts a twice-weekly television program called En Equilibrio (In Balance), where he and other guest experts discuss topics related to well-being.

How many Chopra Center events have you attended?
In addition to my teacher training course in Primordial Sound Meditation, I’ve been to Seduction of Spirit – and I just recently attended Journey into Healing in Florida.

What is your favorite event?
My favorite is Seduction of Spirit, which I finally had the opportunity to experience in San Diego last November. I felt like I had given myself – my body and soul – a present.  It was an incredible week of yoga, meditation, healthy eating, discussions with Deepak and David, meeting people from around the world who also love exploring the spirit  . . . everything comes together to make it a wonderful experience.

What inspires you to teach?
Many things! I’ve dramatically changed my life in the last 20 years, going from being stuck in frustration, fear, and addictions to having a life filled with joy, satisfaction, and love. This happiness is impossible to keep just for myself, so when I teach I always come from my own experience that it is possible to change your life if you decide to. I’ve found my mission in teaching, living the Law of Least Effort and enjoying my work.

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