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Each of us has a digestive fire burning within us that cooks and transforms our food and our emotional experiences. If the fire is weak, then food and experiences won’t be digested smoothly. If the fire is strong, then transformation occurs at the highest level as your five senses absorb nourishment, digest it, and “cook” your experiences. In Vedanta, this fire of transformation is known as agni – the bridge between heaven and earth. For almost 15 years, our message of Namasté – “I honor the divine in you that is also in me” – has helped millions of people on every continent open their hearts, minds, and souls to healing, self-empowerment, higher consciousness, and deeper meaning in life. When the newsletter was first launched, very few people in the Western world had heard the word namasté before. Now it is commonplace to hear namasté repeated in every yoga class and meditation studio throughout the world. Likeminded people all around the planet are honoring the divine within. 

As last year came to a close, we asked all readers to make their commitments for 2009 on our commitment page. The Chopra Center’s commitment is to embrace transformation and lead the world back to a place of wisdom over ignorance, strength over fear, abundance over scarcity, growth over constriction, happiness over pain, and peace over violence. The Agni Newsletter is the new messenger of this transformation and it is the root of the English word IGNITE. Each month, Agni will provide guidance and insights to ignite your life and help you begin your transformation.

Agni will continue to offer exclusive articles by Deepak and David, featured Chopra Center experiences, Ayurvedic recipes, words of wisdom, featured teachers and readers, and a regular spotlight on living Perfect Health. Agni and the mid-month newsletter will also feature tips, tools, podcasts, and techniques for living your life with deeper fulfillment, grace, and ease.

As always, we welcome your feedback, and we encourage you to share Agni with every friend, loved one, and family member. We transform the world by transforming ourselves. Keep the fire burning.

In gratitude,
The Chopra Center staff

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