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What's New at the Chopra Center?

You With the Stars in Your EyesDeepak publishes his first children’s book

You with the Stars in Your Eyes is a sweet and poignant story that reveals the meaning of true love. The book is beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Dave Zaboski.

David Simon Live

Learn how to release your emotional pain, heal your body, and create loving relationships. Join renowned mind-body healing pioneer and Chopra Center co-founder David Simon, M.D.
David Is Coming to the San Francisco Bay Area in February!

  • Feb. 12, The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco: Dr. Simon will deliver an afternoon lecture and book signing. Click here to register for this event >
    • In the evening, Dr. Simon will speak at 7:30 at East West Books in Mountain View. Learn more >
  • Feb. 13, The Book Passage in Corte Madera: Dr. Simon will offer a lecture and book signing. He will be joined by Cassie Vieten, director of the research at the Noetic Science Institute. Learn more >
  • April 16–18, San Francisco: David will lead the Free to Love, Free to Heal workshop at the Palace Hotel. Learn more >

Where’s Deepak?

  • Jan. 22, Syracuse, New York, An  Evening with Deepak Chopra. Learn more >
  • Jan. 27–31, Carlsbad, California, SynchroDestiny Workshop. Learn more >
  • Feb. 17–21, Phoenix, Arizona, Journey into Healing Workshop. Learn more >
  • Feb. 18, Calgary, Alberta, An Evening with Deepak Chopra. Learn more >
  • Feb.26–28, Carlsbad, California, International Symposium: Sages and Scientists: The Merging of a New Future. Join Deepak Chopra and the world-renowned Sages and Scientists for two and half days of exploration of how science and consciousness are coming together to create new possibilities for the evolution of the planet and humanity. Featured speakers include Hans Peter Duerr of the Max Planck Institute; Larry Dossey, a world authority on spiritual healing; Marilyn Schlitz, Director of the Institute of Noetic Science; physicist Fred Alan Wolfe; and many others. To register for the symposium, call The Chopra Foundation at (760) 494-1620 or email or click here to learn more >
  • April 6, Omaha, Nebraska, An Evening with Deepak Chopra. Learn more >

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