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David Simon
Free to Love

Divine Renewal

Renewal is the driving force of creation – the essential wave that arises from the ocean of infinite possibility. Through the intimate dance of the divine, something manifests out of nothing. This impulse to create goes by the name prakruti. Comprised of the two vibrations – pra meaning primary and kri meaning action (think karma) – prakruti is the primary generative feminine force.  Also known as Shakti, she invokes the unmanifest Shiva, seducing the formless into form. Incubating in the succulent womb of creation, the unmanifest births into manifestation.

The only non-changing reality in this universe of form and phenomena is change. To live a life of freedom and bliss, we learn to relinquish our resistance to change and surrender to the perpetually renewing force of existence. The heat generated by change dancing with non-change invokes the ocean of unity to rise in clouds of individuation. They drift away until the burden of separation precipitates them into rivers and streams that flow with the singular intention of reuniting in the ocean of love.

It is love that conceives us, births us, sustains us, and renews us. It is love that brings us home. During this next circle around the sun, give yourself permission to follow your heart’s knowing. It will still your mind, heal your body, and renew your life.


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